Spam filter, Antispam, Antivirus Firewall Appliance: Solutions from Tangent

The power and reliability you need to reclaim and maintain control of your email, network and enterprise. The Tangent Spam Filtering provides Spam Filtering, Exchange Spam Filter connector, Virus Gateway, Anti Spam, Spam Filter, Spam Blocker, Spam Firewall, no false positives, Spam Appliance operation, Virus Checking, Email Filter, Content Filter. Includes all features of SpamAssassin, Spam Arrest, SpamInterceptor, Spamcop, Ironport, Spam Killer, Tumbleweed, SpamBouncer, Mail Washer. The solution include RBL checking, blacklists, whitelists, rules based email control, bayesian, filtering, IP blocks, Spam control and Eliminates 99% of Spam before it gets to your mail server or exchange server. Save your exchange server by stopping spam before it bogs down your system.

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