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Ukrainian-Canadian Business Centre SBEDIF. A variety of programs and services to individual and business clients: Business Consulting, Economic Development Program, Trade and Commerce Program, Entrepreneurship Training, English Training, Computer Training, Desktop Publishing and Web Design, Translation Services, Business Opportunities Database, etc.

  • іиувшаюшаюгф
  • цццюіиувшаюшаюгф
  • ццц.іиувша.ша.гф
  • ыиувшаюшаюгф
  • цццюыиувшаюшаюгф
  • ццц.ыиувша.ша.гф
  • sbedififua
  • ыиувшабшабгф
  • іиувшабшабгф
  • ыиувшашагф
  • іиувшашагф

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