Obey the Purebreed! Dog Breed t-shirts, Dog and Cat Gifts, Dog Breed poster art and more for Dog, Ca

Obey the Purebreed! Propaganda promoting World Domination by dogs. Dog breed t-shirts, gifts, dog art, posters and more. Obey the Pug, boston terrier, chihuahua, vizsla, french bulldog, pit bull and more breeds!

  • щиунерузгкуикуувюсщь
  • цццющиунерузгкуикуувюсщь
  • ццц.щиунерузгкуикуув.сщь
  • obeythepurebreedcom
  • щиунерузгкуикуувбсщь
  • щиунерузгкуикуувсщь

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